Green Habitats promotes sustainable building, supporting research and educational programs to design and build housing that conserves water and energy.


Green Habitats Foundation, Inc. was founded by John Lie-Nielsen, Real Estate and Technology entrepreneur with the encouragement of wife Debra Lie-Nielsen and "Green" pioneer Tim Buffkin.

Solar D House

Among the most anticipated activities this summer, is the brand new, fully operational "Solar D House" exhibit, at Tellus: Northwest Georgia Science Museum in Cartersville, GA.

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GA Tech leads nations most ambitious solar energy attempt

With energy costs rising as fast as global-warming concerns heat up, it's one thing to talk about the challenge. It's quite another to do something about it. Here, in the heart of the Sunbelt South, many are giving a promising solution called solar energy the "college try" - and then some. On the campus of Georgia Tech, upward of 130 present and past students have put up, from scratch, an experimental facility called the Solar Decathlon house. It's a "learning laboratory" with "souped-up" technology, as described by Russell Gentry, a Georgia Tech professor who oversaw it's construction, and it adds up to one of America's most ambitious and sophisticated projects aimed at harnessing energy from the sun.

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