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Dennis Creech and his environmental renovation

Tips for the home from a leader in sustainable design

By Ken Edelstein

Published 04.11.2007

Dennis Creech has a bit of an edge over most of us when it comes to figuring out how to make his home ecofriendly. How many other people have spent the last 25 years leading an environmental organization dedicated to green housing?

As executive director of the Southface Energy Institute, Creech is a nationally recognized leader on energy efficiency and sustainable design. Under his leadership, Southface worked with the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association to create the EarthCraft program, which allows home builders, renovators and homeowners to seek certification for buildings that are healthy and economical, while also saving energy, water and materials.

Five years ago, Creech and his wife, Callie Pendergrast, began a gradual renovation and addition to their ranch-style house off Briarcliff Road in DeKalb County.

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