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biometric-read-circleBarcoded employee badges can be used in tandem with a secure key control system, but for some, badges can be cumbersome — let alone lost or stolen. For those who want a more streamlined approach with heightened security, a biometric system can be the perfect solution; but how does a biometric key control system work? Let’s pull back the curtain and explore this technology a bit.

What Are Biometrics?

Biometrics are exactly what the name suggests: Bio=biology; Metrics=measurement. Biometrics deal with biological measurements—not merely regarding height/weight/body composition, but more specifically in identifying markers, like fingerprints or retinal patterns of the eye. When paired with technological applications, biometrics refers to using biological measurements as a form of identification. This technology is extremely secure because only you have your fingerprint, for example. Fingerprints are much more difficult to hijack and duplicate than barcodes.

Implementing Biometrics into a Key Control System

HandyTrac has integrated this important security technology into its biometric key control systems, effectively eliminating the need for employee badges. Rather, the system identifies users by their fingerprint, meaning that only authorized employees with recognized fingerprints can pull keys.

Can Employee Badges Still Be Used?

Certainly! A biometric system can be configured for multi-step access for added security. For example, you can set up access to certain restricted areas by a fingerprint and an employee badge for double verification.

Additional Benefits of a Biometric System

● Instant tracking and reporting. The computer creates an access log which can be instantly accessed by management simply by logging in to the system.

● Renders passwords irrelevant. A biometric system reads data in a completely different way, making systems almost impossible to hack because hackers can’t “guess” fingerprints the way they decipher passwords.

● User-friendly. While remarkably secure, a biometric key control system is also deceptively simple to use. (How difficult is it to place one’s fingerprint on the scanner?)

Biometric technology adds exponentially greater security to a key control system that is already extremely secure — and we’ve worked to make this technology more accessible and affordable than you think. Biometric access is included in Premium Touch model, and we’re happy to answer questions and provide all the details you need to make an informed decision about key control for your property, campus or housing community. To learn more, contact us today.