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keysonatableApplications for key security, control and asset management are limited only by one’s imagination. In any situation where there is a need to control access to keys, a key security system can be deployed. One of the most common and practical implementations though is in the multifamily industry.

Just think about it. Multifamily housing developments are found in nearly every municipality across the country and offer housing to thousands of people. Due to high tenant turnover and lack of technology, theft is a worsening issue.

Key control systems were designed as a replacement for manual tracking and storage of keys. Keys are filed in a cabinet that is virtually tamper proof and access and return of keys is electronically monitored. This type of locking system is intended to put a stop to thieves attempting to steal unit keys. In other cases, key control with electronic monitoring will prevent an employee from inadvertently taking a key home at the end of the day instead of returning it.

2016-report-by-employeeKey control can offer further value to multifamily because the systems can also provide management with secure, archived audit trails. For example, reports can be generated to help determine when a key was pulled and for what reason. The ability to track who took a key, for what purpose, when, for how long, and when it was returned is critical for maintaining a reasonable level of security, and reducing the chance of premises security liability.

About HandyTrac

For over 20 years HandyTrac has been the low-cost leader in multifamily and military housing key control; managing keys for more than 3,000,000 apartment homes throughout the country. Our cloud based systems offer instant access to archived reporting and provide the ability to manage your communities with a single login through your computer or smart phone.